That's an egotistical

YES - Not Exist many people who are able feel this what I alone without lab I take camera and I saw it after three days fight !!!

All what You see In my Page = egoistcal !

How many lives save my patents ?
( please ask policemans and firemans and people who work on Highway )

Do You saw my version of the robot for bomb ?

Do You saw AIR FLY TOOLS ?

ART is for each of us ...

I'm sorry but to create You pay huge prize for fly !!! Nobody understand how feel You during create ...and how feel You three day later ...

I want to fly I showed You above very good facts for research play and have fun drink VODKA and make drawings ...

Someone in past ask Picasso : What is the different between ART and simple paint ( Art = That You want to sale this what is Your own - You not painting nothing what people want to buy )

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