Temperature is a composite quantum mechanics effect.

The history of it goes like this temperature was measured because a liquid expanded up a tube when you heated it.

So a whole pile of garbage classic physics rubbish was built around this effect and measurements on it ... you learnt them all at school no doubt.

The bigger question is what is temperature in classic physics and they eventually worked it out that it is energy.

And you end up with whole piles of garbage classic physics built around energy and work.


The question that's not answered in all that was what is why does the liquid in the thermometer expand in fact not all substance behave that way .... in fact ice expands when cools smile

Long story short ... energy is quantum information and what it does in certain molecules is make the quantum spins faster. In some molecules but not all the faster spinning bonds makes them expand.

So what the problem is with temperature for a quantum computer is it represents random quantum information in a computer trying to store quantum information.

In an electrical sense it would be like asking you 5 volt computer processor to deal with a baseline of 110 volts AC running thru all its circuits.

I should have asked you to try and come up with a description of temperature in your classic physics .. it's actually quite funny watching people try and work out what temperature is.

This is what temperature really looks like

Now if you want to see something really weird under quantum mechanics how about a material that expands under pressure. See once you understand the rules of QM you can break many classic physic simplifications.


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