Rev K gave examples above of people with little education who made a difference in science. Edison was another who off limited education made his mark.

How did they do it ... they listened to arguments against them and worked slowly thru them methodically and for some of them it took years.

See even in your response above it has what we call bad attitude

Maciej Marosz only learns his way or no way.

Look back up above that

Copernic stoped the SUN / Marosz Space Time

Do you really think a serious scientist is going to very impressed by that ... are you trying to offside anyone involved in science before you even say a word.

That's an egotistical thing which shows for some reason you think you are smarter than everyone else .. it only takes a few sentences to work out you aren't.

I have seen the interactions of you with science sites you rarely listen to what they are actually trying to tell you.

Look at your exchange with Andy here

Andy wasted time for you talking to real scientist who gave him one of the real problems for you in classic physics.

He sort of explained you didn't have the doppler right I know why he can't explain that QM problem again. He did however get the next bit right the Planck satellite mission and all it's data says you are wrong.

So what did you do with that objection you ignored it smile

Sorry Maciej Marosz when someone has a problem that big with your theory you analyze your theory against the complaint and see if it's possible you are wrong. If you don't understand it you ask for help to do it .. what you don't do is ignore it.

So lets go to this exchange with primordial

Again he gave you a serious problem which you just ignore. I don't think you even tried to understand what he was saying from your responses and I think he worked that out and stopped talking to you.

What everyone is telling you is these arguments are old like hundreds of years old and you need to be aware science has long since argued it's way thru them. As such you are going to have to expect there will be objections which you can't just ignore draw more pictures and hope it will all go away.

Your exchange here didn't go much better

You tried to tell a scientist something that was blatantly like stupidly blatantly wrong what did you think was going to happen?

I am not doing this to be mean I am showing you that the biggest problem with Maciej Marosz theory at the moment is Maciej Marosz's attitude.

You can't act like that Maciej Marosz you may think you are smart but compared to these people you are not smart

Robittybob1 in the link at the bottom explains the problem

=>If you listen to his YouTube videos you get a better idea what he is on about. I tell him where he is wrong, but I wouldn't say he is listening to me either.

People have gone out of there way to listen to what you have to say in the samples above I count 5 people who actually seriously looked at your ideas so if you count me 6.

Six people spent time working thru your picture which wasn't easy and we all think there is a problem and you won't even discuss them you ignore them or worse start insulting them.

That is why I have no intention of going any further with you.

People have given you a reasonable chance to act in a respectful manner given they are spending time on this stuff for free and you are asking for there help and expertise.

When they try and help Maciej Marosz attitude kicks in.

So there you have my answer ... I waste no more time on Maciej Marosz .

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