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We have closed box full of athoms inside

Exist any test experiments ( history that You know )

Anyone try find relation between / direction / arrow and Energy exchange inside athom ???

From a QM point it doesn't see the motion at all, it it arguable if it even sees space especially in the sense you and I see it.

Quantum effects can't be contained by space or matter you can't put it in a box .. here these will show you the problem.

1) It can jump instantly any distance .. we know no limit

Current record is 143 km (http://www.zdnet.com/quantum-teleportation-over-143km-smashes-distance-record-7000003883/)

That will be extended to around 400km in 2015 by using the space station

2.) You can't hold it in a box because of Quantum Tunneling


=> Quantum tunnelling or tunneling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount.

No way you are going to hold it in a box

Quantum Mechanics really is about time it isn't about space and motion and it does not seem to care about it. It is also why QM is silent about gravity there ideas that you could bring gravity under QM but they are only ideas by scientists and they are along way from even what I would call believable.

So really at the moment you have GRAVITY+SPACE and QUANTUM MECHANICS+TIME and so events are usually taken into the frameworks as either spacelike events or timelike events.

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