Now let see if you are really getting it.

What quantum property makes the U and D and the colors different above?

You probably see the danger now of taking stuff from space and bringing the argument back to earth ... if you find it doesn't work for Quantum Mechanics then it is almost certainly wrong.

Quantum Mechanics is all about information or energy whichever you want to call it, how it moves and why it moves. As far as we know it is in all the particles and atoms in the entire universe and now you understand why Quantum Mechanics is important and science can't just ignore it.

You should also now see how careful you need to be about changes with special relativity it has relationships to almost everything in science. Even Einstein didn't like where it ended in Quantum Mechanics and we didn't let him change it.

Gravity and general relativity you can play around a lot before things break. So make sure you have it clear which you are playing with. So if you have proposed changes in space, science has limited ability to test so go for it see where it goes. Those changes suggest something other than what we measure here on earth you are almost certainly wrong as Quantum Mechanics doesn't obey classic rules it makes it's own as the atom shows you.

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