ORAC. An interesting signature you use:
"NO layman has ever changed science ..." you say. Where is the evidence for this comment? grin

Check out: http://science.howstuffworks.com/first-scientist.htm There, 1834, is mention of when the name scientist was first used.
And http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientist

Did Copernicus, a monk ... and there are others like him... have a degree in a science? Were there no self-taught scientists, ever? What about Benjamin Franklin?

ME? When it comes to science, I am content to be a curious layman. So I read and ask questions, OK! smile

LUX says no to most dark matter

What does this title mean? "Most dark matter"? Why not all matter?

Yes, I have read:

BTW, I learned that LUX is an acronym for Large, [/b]underground [b]Xenon. The basic word, in Latin, is Lux; in Greek, it is phos (thus we get, phosphorus, photography, etc.); in French it is, leger, and so on.

BTW 2, I have always been interested the sciences. However, the only physics that I really know is of the kind that I studied--and did well in at that level--when I was at the high school--in the late 1940s.

AS A THEOLOGIAN, one who takes the integral-theory approach to philosophy, the sciences and the creative arts
I know that the Bible is not a book. It is a collection of ancient documents, which are full of comments & metaphors about a 'god' and 'gods', in many forms', including 'light'.

For example, in Genesis 1.03, it is recorded that God [ELOHIM--the highest power] said, "...let there be light (related to the German word, Licht). In John 8.12, Jesus is quoted as saying, "I am the Light of the world ..."

1.First, physically speaking, without the LIGHT of information--the kind we call bits and bytes--would physics, as we know it, exist? Of course not!

2.Second, mentally speaking, without the LIGHT of knowledge--the kind that is physically (genetically) transmitted in the DNA, from one generation to another--would animal life as we know it, exist? Again, of course not!

3.Third, spiritually speaking, without the LIGHT of spirit-based wisdom--the kind that is physically, mentally (or culturally) and spiritually transmitted, from parents to children, to tribes, to nations and so on, by the use of behaviour, language of the kind that leads to self-awareness and to consciousness--would humanity as we know it, exist? Once more I say, of course not.

With this in mind, take note of Exodus 3.14. For me, it is a poetic story--not one to be taken literally--of a thought that came into the mind, soul, spirit of Moses, when he (about 1,300 BC) or so the story goes, saw a burning, or light-giving bush. Out of this 'light' and into the mind of Moses, came the god-given thought, "I AM, WHO I AM".

From this metaphor from Exodus, I learn: Every time I see, hear and experience things, phenomena, with my senses--and do so, consciously, it is possible for me, or anyone, to have a peak, god-like experience. What we do with such phenomena makes us who we are, WHO I AM--for better, or for worse, for good or evil...

Ah YES! The importance of ECOLOGY.

Let us not forget that it is too much sun LIGHT and HEAT that can dissipate life-giving waters and make deserts appear. On the other hand, it is the lack of sunlight--brought on by too much dust and water-logged cloud cover, which can bring on another ice-age.


It is up to all of us, as people--philosophers, including curious children, scientists (especially those here on SAGG) and all creative artists to show the way.

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