Mass m faster than light = that not exist classical mechanic rules ( mass m will never get iformation about past - gravitation can not stop mass m faster than C> )

Omega and mass m faster than light ? ( right , upper, corner )
rotation can be very fast mass m can hit own apparent position and can feel OWN gravitation from past !!! mass m faster than light can make work and not lost kinetic energy !!! ( planets will feel old apparent position points and go to this points but nobody can inform mass m please stop You made in past work You must lost energy !!! )

Dear Orac In my brain exist many more strange facts
please use Your imagination if mass m will slown down You will be able see mass m and stop mass m by gravitation .


Mass m apparent position can change position many bodies in the universe at one and the same time ( mass m faster than light = JOKER this is why teleportation is faster than light Newton gravitation not exist it is past for mass m - nobody can inform mass m please stop You made in past work !!!)

What is it teleportation for me my imagination (I never read about teleportation )

mass m + Huge energy

point 1

mass m exist in point 1
p1 =( apparent point )

very fast travel


How they give so many energy to small body in so small time ?
they = people who made teleportation ( from Your links ) 147 km
400 km ?
biger distance = more bigger energy portion to mass m ?

it is huge energy to mass m and very fast trip !!!
not dematerialization but velocity >C = that body lost mass

I You will travel >C You will not exist for Universe ?
Universe will feel Your old apparent position but Universe will not be able inform You ( Newton Action and Reaction will work only in one direction You ---> Universe not Universe ---> You

Universe can inform You only if You will hit other mass m
other type comunication not exist ( huge aberration outside signals not exist for You )

Build rocket faster than light
it is target for people ( for Engineer )
mass m faster than light lost mass m can not recive information
about observer and other problems work that mass m made in past

how we can stop mass m faster than light ? this mass must hit
other mass to stop or slown down .

147 km .... 400 km... I think that they not register the same mass m only other mass m1 that feel apparent position mass m
and change own position ( they register mass m1 mass m1 joust feel apparent position mass m )

( it is very hard stop mass m faster than light and not destroy this mass )

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