So basically you read nothing of what we wrote and learnt nothing ... you really are drop kick stupid.

So lets start counting ... 61

I see the images but I see no relevance I know how Doppler and inverse square law work I HAVE A SCIENCE DEGREE. If that is all that is about remove them I know how those effects work as will most on here because you are on a science forum.

I think it's the next bit you loose everyone because you start comparing objects with MASS to objects WITHOUT MASS. So can you clarify which type are we talking about?

I think that is where you need to start but be clear are you talking about light or objects with mass.

In your discussion something put one picture ... and explain it in one post and then wait for response. Noone can put a whole theory in a page or a single post. Einstein started with a single thought E=MC2 he argues the rest out from there and he won every argument. So if you are going to do this start with the first idea don't tell us how it ends we don't care until we agree with the first fact.

So are we clear one fact and one picture in each post I will respond otherwise I will just ignore you.

My image of the universe I will copy it every time I see your bulk images I think my universe is prettier... lets see how fast the moderator bans us shall we or can you learn how to communicate.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.