@ Paul very important fact is that we must study how is build laser

Laser is somthing very not natulral it is tool like each machine has got shape tolerance

Hot Laser bigeer angle of beam
( I think that single photon beam it is theoretical model we are very far to build so perfect tool )

One problem is Laser next problem is Motion and calibration

even if ( for example You will build perfect laser ideal shape zero material and tolerane problem )

How You want to calibrate laser every target is moving !!!
Your lab is moving

we can speak face to face I'm sure that I see Your apparent picture very close to Your fresh position but apparent !!!

I made in home test ( good /bad ) I'm hapy many people use brain right now !!!

thank You

Dear Orac person who speak about new can use books only for small help I'm happy that I found in web
1930 Tolman surface brightness test it is very similar to my own idea ( only similar )

Doppler it is RED /BLUE shift AND Intensity Of signal problem !

If we have situation like in michelson morley test

source --->V1 ----R -----sensor ---->V1

source ---> V1
Sensor ----> V1

We will never register fresh source position we have aberration ( 1730 J bradley ) light speed is only C !!!

Very Important problem is Gravitation Forces and Distance
gravitation started in point 1 after short time mass m and M will be in different position ( gravitation need time for start work )

M---R---m --------> 30 km/s

M---R---m -----------------------------------> c/2

mass m will feel apparent intensity of signal this is the real reason why atomic clock during trip inside airplane slowing down

We have many new facts to reaserch not only in optics !!!

clasical mechanic and above post = new live we must eliminate
Mr Newton mistake