Build a laser power meter for under $50 USD here are the instructions

This stuff is basic electronics and it uses the energy absorbed to be converted into an electrical voltage which gets displayed up on a normal voltage meter.

Here is what you end up with

Okay now mount a laser pointer on one end of a metal beam and mount the detector on the other say around a meter long. Now nothing can move so you can walk around and face it any direction you want and if science is right nothing will change if you are right the measurement will change depending on your direction.

Okay we can take the whole idea further and calibrate it .. make and L with two pieces of metal.

Now get a beam splitter the cost of these optical units is not very expensive you can buy them from an optics supplier for a few dollars ($5-$10)

The cube ones cost a little more but are easier to mount normal cost is around $20

Just make sure you tell them the color of your laser pointer which I am guessing will be red the most common.

Now you can measure the power in two direction simultaneously in two different directions from the same laser source so any temperature or voltage changes are removed because the beams are being generated from the same source ... but yeah it will need two laser power measuring units.

If you know you electronics you can even setup a difference signal between the two units and now rotate the whole setup hell you can walk around with it if you want.

If you can't measure a difference with this setup there is no way a camera will see a difference it is a much more accurate test.

If you get stuck let me know and I will send you the parts if it helps.

If the effect is real that setup will at least give you a chance to see the effect and it isn't prone to refraction problems in the media and lenses etc because it is directly measuring the energy of the light.

Understand there is an absolute guarantee in that setup that the results are consistent and you can be sure if there is a difference the power and energy of the light is the cause. I certainly would accept that if you could show it.

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