.... CAMERA OBSCURA Inverted Square Law ( Old Greece ...)
1730 James Bradley Astronomy Aberration
1842 Dopper

2012 Marosz Poland
Astronomy Abberation + Doppler + Iverted Square Law

First Michelson Morley but Brightness of Beam Version

First Idea about Gravitation and apparent distance

Frist expain why we have winter and Summer ( not only reason is 66.66 degrees angle )

First Idea How to solve very OLD PROBLEM
Constant Velocity and question "I'm moving or Stars"

First man who told that DOPPLER it is not only RED/BLUE shift
but also Intensity of Signal SHIFT

Firts Idea how to explain different period in atomic clock that is moving ( not exist different time only the same electron is making longer ellipse ) --> wodore atom

Inventor who explained how to build new generation compass
and measure West East or other directions ( constant astronomy velocity ) , first internal system for Airplane and rocket

First man who explained what is it black hole wiyhout SRT and GRT

First definition Dark matter (we need cross C limit )

COPERNIC stoped THE SUN MAROSZ stoped the space and time


Maciej Marosz
Engineer and Inventor

( Up sky Beam Warning light - and
fly city vision electric FLY TRAM many new tools !!! )

my patents >>> http://tesla4.blogspot.com

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