I have given you a simple problem for you to learn something.

are You able use "simple problem" that You given me ?
PLEASE EXPLAIN ABOVE SITUATION ( FACTS ... please Mr Marosz it is not work because it will be look like this ...)

I'm idiot ? You can or not proove my mistake ?

How old are You ? please use books

for me ( simple Engineer Poland )to evaluate above
we need

Doppler ,
Inverted square law,
1730 J Bradley ,
1930 Tolman brightness test )

Please destroy my model
( You graduate moore nice school I'm only engineer smile ?

let me help You start ...( they all like start like below)

GPS system works so Einsten works !!!
Yeeeee. Einstein was great ... ( good point for start speak )

Next argument
MArosz You are Idiot and You not understand mathematic
I would like to help people like You please study mathemtic
You have nice imagination but Einstein all described

I waiting here smile ...
ask friends ... smile other "idiots" like me ...
ASK mr ANDY and his expert smile
look on my old links ...
We can have many fan here !! anyone want some Popcorn .. !!!

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general Investor 300 000 000 USD
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