Oh I understand alright it's the same stupid argument as above in a different way you just can't see why.

You want to measure it fine go ahead and measure it I already know what the experiment must show because there really is no other option.

Please don't bore me to death with great explaining of what it means if you are right it's like idiots that want to discuss if you could go faster than light.

Show me that you can go faster than light first and I might be remotely be interested in discussing it other than that you are wasting my time because I have pretty strong proof that you can't.

I showed you what happened to the last scientist stupid enough to make that claim based on a stupid experiment he should have known was wrong and checked.

I am not the least interested in discussing your actual theory from above because I already have pretty solid evidence it is wrong like thousands of experiments that say it is.

However science is a free society we allow people to test ideas no matter how stupid they are and I have even helped you with how to do it.

What I don't have to do is waste my time on this stupidity and discuss it's implications when you have no evidence or data that it is even possible and I have thousand of experiments that say you are wrong.

So do your tests and if you can show something we can discuss ... come back when you have some results I could actual believe and trust.
I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.