At times I you make me cringe and I am not sure whether to laugh at your stupidity or cry .... in your native language I think the translation is "Glupszy niz ustawa przewiduje"

You have literally millions of science experiments against you and that is why I am ignoring you. Against my better judgement I will at least give you some more things to think about.

As scientists we don't draw pictures in ever increasing stupidity that could either be cartoons or porn depending on you bend ... scientist go out and measure things instead.

In 2002 the first single photon source was created using Quantum Mechanics by Toshiba. It was big news and carried by all science magazines the layman simplification of the work appears proudly on the Toshiba website
(science paper:

=> We have developed the world's first light emitting diode (LED) capable of emitting a stream of single photons

In 2004 those single photons could be effectively tracked in flight without destroying them by again using Quantum Mechanics

=> In a world-first, the path of a single photon can now be measured without destroying the photon in the process.

In 2010 Toshiba managed to compact both processes into one and Quantum Entangle the produced single photons so you could track the photons from creation to end

By 2012 the technology had advanced to production status by Toshiba

So perhaps stop with all the stupid claims and read science magazines ... the light saber article is an extension of the quantum work above.

So if you think you are against Einstein he is nothing compared to the thousands of Quantum Experiments that say Maciej Marosz = "Glupszy niz ustawa przewiduje".

What do you propose we do with all the thousands (that is not an exaggeration there are thousands now) of experiments that show you are wrong .... ignore them ???????

So make all the stupid claims you like and proclaim to the world how your great theory breaks all science .... SCIENCE AND I DON'T CARE what Maciej Marosz thinks.

Does you little brain understand why science and I will just ignore you because we can't ignore the thousands of experiments ..... EXPERIMENTS > Maciej Marosz stupidity

So enough I have nothing more to add ... YOU ARE WRONG END OF STORY ... if you don't want to accept that is fine by me.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.