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can we evaluate efficiency ?

It is 100% efficient something you can't have in classic physics smile

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how many photon enerrgy will be exchange to work ?

One smile

Can we warm medium by light ?

Of coarse you can haven't you ever sat out in the sun to warm yourself .. your skin is a media to light smile

BELOW MODEL ( real probem for Engineers )


Physics = that we can describe where is energy
and how energy is exchanged

(Tesla opinion about machine + Radio waves + electric analogy)
+ eclipse of the sun Idea ( photon ---> electron --- athom )


at first I want to learn You very simple fact ( camera obscura)
I will back to below example later ...

A] bulb ( 4 watts) -----5 meters ------ camera

B] bulb ( 1 watt ) -----5 meters ------ camera

camera in situation A registered brightness of picture X
picture time = 1 sec. ( camera open/close)

camera in situation B registered brightness of picture X
picture time = 4 sec. ( camera open/close)

/////////////MAIN IDEA AND TEST AREA ///////////

(energy ) >>>>>> MEDIUM

Medium = machine that we use to transport energy (conveyer )

How much time we need for one single step ( one athom step)
( average we can evaluate how many athoms we have per one meter )

How much energy we will lost for single step (one athom step )
( Orac - how many joules will be exchange for Hot )

Signal Hz and (Medium and conveyer efficient ) ?
We all know EM Radio waves ( long and short )

Lower Hz schould have lower power lost and longer distace ( electric energy A portion ) !

High Hz (the same electric energy A portion ) distance and power lost problem ?

VACUUM ideal zero or very close to zero lost conveyer model ?


Dear Orac right now I must go to work I will back

above post is not finished

important is below picture
If You have time please read aboud radio waves
( it is EM wave but only different Hz )