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quantum teleportation
147 km
400 km


147 km or 147 + 1 mm

30 km/s = 30 000 000 mm /s

C speed 300 000 km/s

Earth -----> 30 km/s

Where they started teleportation ?

Where they finished teleportation ?

I understand what you are saying but there are two things against you in the quantum case

The teleportation is instant like impossible to measure fast. The best they can calculate is 10,000 times faster than the speed of light and that is based solely on the accuracy we can measure time


=> Spooky! Quantum Action Is 10,000 Times Faster Than Light

Theoretically it really should be instant otherwise other effects we should have seen will occur.

The distance really doesn't matter to Quantum Mechanics it could be the other end of the universe from what we can work out .... it would still do it.

That is why it isn't going to help you with your problem it won't see the motion and distance it really doesn't behave like our classic physics world.

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I understand what you believe and I even understand the implications I am a scientist after all.

You keep posting the same images and repeating the same argument but most of your arguments have fatal flaws from what I can see.

My problem is you seem to be grasping at straws and to me what seems almost silly desperation at times.

Here is a simple example .. so lets look at this claim
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From a quantum mechanics point of that that statement is totally wrong because the atom does not obey your classic laws, so let me give you the facts on this item

1.) The binding energy holding the nucleus alone in place is massive like on a whole other scale to forces of motion. Atoms survive the entire pressure of the weight of the earth pushing on them and if you don't accept that even think of the deepest mine we have done and the atoms at that point have all the weight above them pushing on them. No pathetic motional forces would distort or change an atoms shape even if it could feel them.

2.) We pick protons up in particle accelerators and take them from whatever speed they are doing here on earth. The calculation on the LHC collider spinning a proton goes like this


With E = 7 TeV speed of the proton is 99.9999991% times the speed of light.

If the proton changed shape in any way the magnets holding it off the wall would not work. If the proton elongated it would start corkscrewing and quickly slam into the walls.

The LHC alone tells you that at least those parts of an atom in the nucleus are never going to change size or shape by any motion.

3.) So what about the electrons. Well same story JLAB accelerates electrons and it has the same story as LHC.


4.) Okay so the bits of an atom don't change but can a whole atom. Well science has a magic tool called a diamond anvil cell and it can create pressure which are around the same as the centre of the earth and the answer is even at those pressures nothing changes


So my problems with your views on the atom size and measurement is that the science firmly says the Quantum Forces involved are so massive that the sorts of effects you get from motion would be impossible to measure small.

We are actually theoretically sure as we can be that quantum mechanics survives a black hole that was the argument that Stephen Hawkings conceded on.

So while I understand your view and what you are trying to challenge in science you need to be careful because motion forces like gravity are pathetic forces as forces go.

Look at the table of strengths of the 4 different fundamental forces in this link


Strong force .... 10E38
Electromagnetic .... 10E36
Weak force .... 10E25
Gravity force .... 1

The Quantum forces are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger.

That is why even if there is an effect (which I doubt) you will never be able to measure it would be incredibly small that you would never pick it from background noise.

Get it the forces trying to hold the atom shape round are massive compared to the motion forces ... it would be like saying a bug hitting a car windshield deflects the car ... I don't doubt the car does get deflected by the bug physics says that, I just doubt you could ever measure it.

Do you now understand why I laughed when you tried to tell me the image of the atom I showed you was not perfectly round and you tried to claim it proved your idea ... I found it incredibly funny laugh

Do you finally see an atom is never going to deform it's shape based on motion ... not ever well at least not in this universe the forces of motion are too pathetically weak.

So in our universe the atom shape and size you can be very confident about

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