Inverted square Law ( Old Greece camera obscura )
J.Bradley berration 1730
Doppler 1842

2012 Marosz Michelson Morley ( brightness of beam version )
- new compass
- new navigation type ( Internal velocity system )
- new system for airplane velocity
- additional efect for doppler ( constant motion Intensity )
- additional efect for doppler ( Winter Summer on the Earth 66.66 it is not only one reason )

- conastant motion and gravitation mass different
( explain that Einstein can not put inertia mass = gravtation mass ) !!! it works not only for huge speed >G

m----R------M -----> 30 km/s
m----R------M ----------------> 220 km/s

mass m not feel the same gravitation reason is longer apparent distance to mass M also R is important for that efect ( please compare light to gravitation ----INTESITY PROBLEM )

to prove above I can use facts that I showed ( all is in books)

( I can not proved right now by arguments from books but Mach's Supersonic model is very open IDEA )

- Perpetuum motion first type Idea explain ( body faster than own gravitation ) dark mattery problem ,
- Marosz's Aether self EM Background model

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