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Do you understand that the pattern will change just by you observing it?

In CHINA live few miliards peolpe !!!

Ok please imagine that we kindly ask
DEAR ALL PEOPLE please Look on SUN !!!


after they will close eyes AND SUN START WORK
they open eyse and SUN NOT WORK ?

That is an Einstein quote and it was the moon.

The answer is quite clear things exist even when not observed because there is a universal observer which is the universe itself.

So yes the sun exists but it is sort of phasing in and out of the universe ... nothing is really solid like we imagine it.

The reason for all this stems back to our initial problem you never got to the bottom of ... how does an atom stay together.

Remember you never could get the balls to spin and build an model of the atom and there is a reason for that ... Quantum Mechanics.

As I said no one likes Quantum mechanics unfortunately the universe has a sense of humour and doesn't care.

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