Paul has set a better tone than my last post so I am going to try one last time to show where this is going to end for you Maciej Marosz unless you change the way you are doing things.

You can keep your theory alive but you MUST ACT DIFFERENTLY.

I am going to use Sorin Cosofret to show you where you are headed unless you listen. I did some looking around old physic site archives (waiting for the lux broadcast) and Sorin comes up in posts dating back earlier than 2008.

In 2008 he was awarded an immortal gem title

It's rather childish game scientists play to see if we can identify posts of absolute stupidity that are so silly as the title says "I worry about you."

So Sorin has been putting up the same silly arguments for something over 8 years it's probably longer. He has been given the same answers and same details as I recently gave him from at least 20+ different science forums.

The response given back to him in 2008 is telling


The life you waste defending this "work" is your own. Should you be interested in a real work of physics, you might find this interesting:

He has wasted 8+ years of his life posting the same rubbish which will never be accepted by science because it doesn't follow the guidelines of science.

I actually feel rather sad for Sorin to waste that much of his life and thoughts on such a futile exercise and all he got from it was to become the butt of a lot of jokes and get laughed at. Whether Sorin is aware or cares about what has become of his reputation is unclear to me but I feel embarrassed for him.

That will be you Maciej Marosz in 8 years if you continue down this path you need to act differently. You think I am bad now you better believe if you are still posting the same images 8 years from now I am going to be pretty hostile, I have already seen that image 60+ times.

First and foremost as per Paul has said above you need to communicate not post what appears to us as the work of a bad impressionist painter. It doesn't matter if your English is not good your pictures are even worse.

You are going to encounter criticism, you have to expect it and you will have to show slowly and methodically what you propose. If you fail to do this science will just ignore you like I currently do ... the point here is science doesn't care about your discovery. Unless science can get full answers so it can neatly join it in to a much larger physics there is nothing gained by accepting your physics. Everything is working perfectly fine at the moment so why break everything to put your idea in if all it does is break everything else.

So the key point here and it's worth making it clear


At the moment if it accepted your idea in to science in it's rather crazy form everything from the atom, cosmology, QM and chemistry .... all stop working.


So what science will do is simple it will ignore you and eventually sometime in the distant future some other person will work out how to put the idea you thought of properly into science in a proper manner and they will get all the prizes and no one will even remember Maciej Marosz.

That is you fate Maciej Marosz, so now it's up to you, are you willing to learn and change or do you want to continue on to be the next Sorin Cosofret. Let's see where you end up 8 years from now and if you learnt anything and any of this sunk in.

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