You actually put two ideas in your post ... NOT ONE AS ASKED .. but I will cut you some slack.

You took the problem into solids and we can answer that as well.

What was funny is you sort of jumped on the image of the atom saying it's not perfectly round. I found it funny because you have no idea how many times that image has been scaled and probably distorted yet you think it showed something.

However it does bring up another almost instant falsification of your idea because you realize the atoms would distort and that would be correct if your idea was true.

That has a massive implication because lengths of solids would change depending on there motion smile

So you could get a couple of meters of material and accurately measure it and move it around ... it should change under your idea right?

I want you to think about electrons in a piece of metal and we take that metal on a centrifuge ... what should happen under your idea? The electron has mass 9.10938291 10-31 kilograms and it's fairly loosely bound.

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