in real live Stars = bulb ( 3d signal )

You ---> V1 -------R distnace ------- Star ---> V2

my model work or not ?
do You like astronomers or they are idiots ?

in my post I'm showing You pictures that made other people
( Inverted square Law ) and Doppler

below Map also is not my own

Why they are using rings ? they shoud always use single line
Star = many lasers line or many rings ???

Dear Orac it is very hard and too much problems for single person describe all aspects and applications for new discovery

below picture I'm 100%% sure ( please confirm in books why we have winter and summer - they speak only about 66.66 angle in book ) please remember who and how explain more problems

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT 20 km/s and Time that light need for distance Sun --- Earth made huge different if we speak about Inverted square Law and Intensity of signal ?

Earth will not register different Hz ( different colour)
but winter / summer = different distance to place where signal started ( Energy / Area problem )

where the signal started ? where will be Sun and Earth after short time ?

POLAND 2012 amatore test 30 km/s

first test

first pictures ( brightness - photoshop 10 histogram) west ( -30km/s ) and East (+30 km/s )


Exist one more problem that right now is very important
medium and medium's inertia !!!

sensor----> 30 km/s ----- medium ----> 30 km/s <<< light


Light >>> medium ---> 30 km/s --- sensor 30 km/s ---->

I made my test inside air I wait for someone who can repeat my test inside vauum . We need also support ( astronomers )
we nee perfect set camera direction and eliminate Omega problem

( rotation forces and rotation doppler efect for example we can prepare table that have omega ideal opposite to Earth rotation we can make test in many place on globe and evaluate many parameters )