Ok one Picture

Doppler Efect

source ---> V1 -----distance R ------- sensor ---->V 2

if V2 >V1 = sensor escape from the source ( distance R rise )

Intensity of signal is going down

above discovery I made in 2012 ( doppler made own idea 1842 )

Fact or False ?
before me nobody use Inverted Square Law in way how I did this and add Inverted squear law to doppler

We have one small problem Source and Sensor are inside medium or are inside Vacuum ?

If they are inside vacuum all what happen inside vacuum described J.Bradley ( astonomy aberration ) below very nice animation ( please imagine that the source and the sensor are moving in space I not like below animation but I use it to help You imagine the problem )


If the source and sensor are inside medium ? for example air ?
this is other problem

Ok one post one topic ?
physics is not narrow EM waves = Gravitation waves

small mass m = sensor
huge mass M = source

m ----> V1 ----------distance R ------- M -----> V2

WHAT IF V1 = V2 ?
where the signal started and where the signal will be register

we can make test in home ( I did it )

camera1 -----R ---- BULB -------R ----- camera2 ---> Motion

Brightness of picture = Inverted Square Law !!!

I'm sorry uppssss I cross one topic ?
or I speak about the same problem ?

m ------ R ------ M --------R ------- m -----> Motion

what about athoms on Earth ? athoms feel motion ?
upss I cross topic ???

What about atomic clock and motion ( m = electrom , M = center)
atomic clock ? do we have two different time and space ? or one atomic clock that have small problem during travel in airplane - motion change forces that work on electron ( not exactly forces but Intensity of signal from center )

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