Dear Orac You did'nt wach my link

Things in the quantum domain don't play by our silly little classic rules ...

I already proved that not exist III Newton Law

I already proved that if mass m not exist = that mass m can make work !!!

please see again ? ( How big work made mass m ? why mass m will not slown down after pull mass M big ? )

it is only 5 minutes

after above You Tube I will ask You again

Your lab can be near big mass M or near small mass m .

Position of laboratory where You test Quantum Computers is not importnat for QM ? so why temperature is impotrtant for keep spin ( in lower temp Quantum computers work better )

You not understand what I did in abve Ytube
for classical mechanic it was impossible recognize constant velocity ( in my You tube constant velocity is important ? )

For Mr Einstein also not exist any special coordination system
he also not recognized constant motion problem

For QM exist velocity or not ? below picture it is joke ?
why it is ellipse not perfect circle ?

above picture made nice microscope

problem is that in Lab nobody think before picture where is
Earth Constant Velocity Arow and where is Lab

Laboratory ----> 30 km/s ? ( angle ? )

lab position is important or not for QM ?

Story of the image =>

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