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Is he taken seriously?
Because much of what M. Kaku says fits in with the theology of unitheism,
I naturally hope that what the string theorists are saying is so.
We'll wait and see.

The book : ‘ The trouble with Physics’. By Lee Smolin
My brief comment.
Before physicist thought about particles as a ‘ points ‘.
Now they think ‘… particles could not be seen as points,
which is how they always been seen before.
Instead, they were ‘stringlike’, existing only in a single
dimension, and could be stretched, . .And . . . they vibrated.’
/ Page 103. /
‘ . . the idea of particles
as vibrations of strings was the missing link that could work
powerfully to resolve many open problems.’
/ Page 124./
And the string can have different geometric forms:
‘String can be both closed and
open. A closed string is a loop.
An open string is a line; it has ends’. / Page 106./
But there are many string theories. ( ! )
And the growing catalogue of string theories evokes trouble.
And therefore Lee Smolin wrote:
‘ – the missing element – must have been
one of the earliest triumphs of abstract thinking.’
/ Page 102/ . . . . and
‘ . . . at least one big idea is missing.
How do we find that missing idea?’ / Page 308. /
How is it possible to take the string ‘ missing idea’ seriously?
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