HI REV, seems I have not figured out how to 'quote' in the box. Should have previewed my post to eccles.

Your daughter and her partner sound like very gifted and fascinating individuals. What an amazing adventure.. to live within nature in peace and harmony with the environment! ..Awesome!

A few years ago I had a studio in a warehouse in Cambridge Ontario, right on the grand river. It was third story, with several large windows facing west, watching the sunset every day of the year, and watching the river flow and the Herons feed on the shoreline.. IT was a place of much healing for myself, and learning the Art of Being. IT too, was place of living art and 20 years of growing.

Right now I am in a small cottage right on the pond in a small town called Ayr...south of Kitchener. The banners on the streetlamps say "AYR- WHERE TIME STANDS STILL". Come to think of it, ever since i moved here time seems to stand still. It's a place where stranger smile and say hello, even if they do not know you.

IT seems there are places where peace does exist, as on your daughters floating work of art..

I believe living one's passion is a true sense of art, science and spirit...and within nature ..this IS our connection to the Divine. It is NOT to be interpreted or explained, but to be Experienced. For in this experience we merge with the Oneness some inadequately attempt to describe as 'god'. [u][/u]
"The most beautiful is the mysterious" ~Einstein