OK, so what does your version of the "springy circle"--or perhaps it is a springy globe-like app (a SGA) or widget?--have to do with the "where-ness" or "who-ness" of 'god'?

Socratus, not that it matters, but were you raised in a traditional kind of Judaism? Or what?

For you, was there, or is there now, a who-like kind of 'god' anywhere--a 'god' with dimensions and who exists separate and apart from us? For you, is there, like the Bible stories imply, A 'god' who blesses us, or who sends us to the fire-and-brimstone of hell? Or to the joys of heaven?

As I said to Orac, if anyone thinks I am being too curious here, just tell me so. I'm very easy--feel free to be frank with me and tell me it is none of my business.

Thinking about your interesting ideas: How would you describe them to bright young and curious twelve-year children, or younger. How do we explain the nature and function of this "springy circle" or whatever it really is?

Perhaps within each of our body cells there are billions of SGA's that vibrate like the strings of a piano and they function to program us to be who we are.

Perhaps it is what I would call a god-like and self-directing SGA one that does its own thing regardless of what we think about it.

LET US FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGEAbout which Michio Kakus writes in his new book, Physics of the Future.

Is SGA--be they circular or globular--simply the way to a limitless source of a GOD-like kind of power-giving knowledge of the kind we all need--whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

I have come to accept that this knowledge is like light from the sun.

Our sun is the source of so much that we human beings--not being insects, or mushrooms, that thrive in the dark--need and highly value. But, we need to also be aware: Too much sun does make a desert, eh?

I have also come to accept that the light of knowledge is only available to us, if, and when, we consciously connect with it and tap into it. Progress takes effort.

Accepting this is what really helps us--me at least--live life to the full.

IN 2005, OUT OF THE BLUE, THE FOLLOWING CAME TO MY ATTENTION. AT THE TIME I WAS 75--and an admirer of my daughter's use of Yoga.

Looking for new ways to greet the day with a healthy kind of exercise, I developed the following morning habit, or ritual:

Though I am retired and in no rush in the morning, I am still a relatively-early riser. But I am not, and never have been, a natural morning person. That is, I tend to feel down, in the blahs (the blues? Surely grays is the proper word?) in the morning.

What is your down-time of day? Your uptime? We all differ.

However, when I awake, the first thing I do is this: I drag myself out of bed, go to the bathroom, have a pee, look at myself in the mirror and shout: GOOD GOD!!! IT'S MORNING! Then I grin grin and try to fake a laugh laugh

Not really! Because my wife (who is a retired teacher) is usually still asleep. Though I would like to make a noise, I do not actually shout out LOUD. I only do so, silently.

BTW, I honestly envy those who can wake up feeling good and are able to say, cheerfully: GOOD MORNING GOD!

Why do I give vent--though it be in silence--and say how I feel?

A SUMMARY OF HOW I USUALLY BEGIN THE DAY: If one is in a rush to get to work--been there and done that for over 40 fast-moving years--the following can be done within 20 minutes.

Also keep in mind that this method combines exercise, bathing (or showering) and a morning devotions (meditation, prayers, whatever). What a bargain! And you got it here, courtesy www.flfcanada.com Don't tell me there is no "FREE" lunch.
I do the following because, I find that by being honestly aware of how I feel and facing honestly how I feel helps me wake up and feel better, if not now, later.

Doing some simply tai chi stretches also helps. By then I am ready for # 2 and for a shave.

Then I go to a colour chart that I have on the bedroom wall. It has the following colours: a vibrant blue, a lemon yellow, a Chinese red and an emerald green.

As I do rites #1 and # 3, of the Five Tibetan Rites--
--I focus on the 4 colours--one at a time.

Vibrant blue inspires me to say to myself: I AM, therefore, I have the power to choose, and to will. Regardless of how I feel, I can choose to be, or not to be... Meanwhile, I leave it to G0d operating in my cells to change my feelings. Me? I am responsible for what I will to feel, not what I feel.

Lemon yellow inspires me to say to myself: I WILL AND CHOOSE to think, learn, know and, therefore, understand.

Chinese red inspires me to say: I CHOOSE AND WILL TO CONNECT WITH THE POWER OF GOD--all the power I need to get things done. It energizes me. It also inspires me to pay attention to my breathing and oxygenate every cell in need of oxygen.

Emerald green inspires me to grow as I need to grow. Take note: On a clear day the sky is blue and the sun is a golden yellow. Blue and yellow make green--the "green, green grass of home".

I do rites # 2,4,5 while I am having a bath (shower).
B.A.T.H. I chose to be Be Aware & Think Health More conservative religionists could make it Born Again & Think Holy.

Take further note: No dogma is intended here: There are, depending on your preferences, other moves that can be used. Other imagery that can be added. Send along yours. I expect you to use your imagination, of which Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

But beware, the bad news is: Imagination is a two-edged sword. An evil imagination can be a dangerous and destructive one.

The good news is: A good imagination can be more helpful and more constructive.

Using the human ability to say I am, I will, therefore, I choose to imagine, to visualize and to meta-tate--that is I will use my head (the French say tete) but I also choose to go beyond (meta) it.

The bottom line is: I can connect with, tune into and in the silence say: I am, therefore I have the power to will, choose and think. Thinking leads to knowledge, which can lead to understanding (wisdom).

Immediately--in any situation, no matter how difficult--we can intuitively be led to take the right action; the right what to do about it. You and I will be led to the people we need, to the people who need us and to the things that need to be done and enjoy doing.

We are here to learn what we need to learn, to know what we need to do, and I do what needs to be done.

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