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Revlgking's attempt at a transcendent position...perhaps that "God" is synonymous with "relationship" or "the unity of dualities"... is merely a common expression of a psychological preference for closure of a potentional infinite regress. The ascription of "benificence" to such a closure is no doubt related to its womb-like security aspects.

I see it is an ongoing edit of his profile, with the need for validation. His definitions and symbolism changes as he incorporates more intellectual ideas of unity into his belief and opinion.
This is typical of the instability of belief, and the unconscious separation from the One principal that unifies all manifestations.

For example:
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for me, all real belief must express itself in action.

G0D=all that is good, orderly and desirable.

What do I do with evil?
I see it as chaos=good in the process of becoming order--good in the making.

The duality of separation presents the ultimatum that God being Omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent has a quality that distances itself from that which is not God or of God quality. God is order but anything that is not orderly is not yet in order with God, but has the potential to become God, if it complies with the rules of order according to human belief and opinion.
A belief in a place, condition or experience that is without the God experience, or a condition where God is not.
His agreement with Ellis that God is a concept derived in human belief and imagination rather than a principle which underlies belief, and supports belief within the human condition, separates God from humanity by condition or preference in object subject determination, or within the limitation of human concepts based on opinion.

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To know physical existence is to know god in the physical format;

God and or spirit which supports the physical format is multidimensional, as is the physical. If the physical is reduced to a single dimension in the separation of good and evil, God is removed from the physical thru belief and injected as a principal into the form or projection of opinion which meets that condition of personal belief and opinion.
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to know that I know, and want to know more, is to know god as a mental concept,
and to know who I am, is to know god as Being itself.

Here God is reduced to personality, identifying with belief and projection of belief, which divides one thing from another, maintaining separation of objects in manifestation thru personal perceptions and identification with the physical world. My God, your God, their God, Our God,... giving quality to that, which if were omnipresent, could only be experienced if it were labeled and isolated to the conditions of personal preference.
In other words a Jew could only see a Jewish God, A Christian could only see a Christian God and the Rev can only experience a God which meets the conditions set forth within his own beliefs.
Instead of One God being the God of both Order and Chaos it is only a God of order. This is what separates the Christian from the Jew, the Protestant from the Catholic and the believers from the non-believers.
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In this sense I am one with god and god is in and through me. Anyone, if one so chooses, is free not to choose to be in god.

In a sense means in belief.

In the reflection of certain conditions, being that they are orderly and good by definition, God is present in and thru ones actions. If they are not by definition able to meet the conditions of definition and belief, God is not in and thru ones self.
This means by not being orderly, one makes a choice to not be in God, or orderly and Good as defined by the priest.

This approach was the approach of the Pharisees in Jesus' time. They accused Jesus of being a false profit and without God as they knew God, because Jesus did not fit the description of order according to their beliefs and doctrines, and because everything he represented threatened their lifestyle.

It is also the approach of the Christians who killed so many during the Spanish Inquisition, who wished to maintain an order of hierarchy and an order of control over the people for the good of the Church.

It is also the approach of the delegates of the Christian Church toward the native peoples of the Americas when Europeans began their invasion of North America to bring Order to the New World.
In order to tame the savages they had to be re-educated in the ways of God and the order of progress and growth.
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