Why must we always categorize and label one as good, godly and holy while the other evil, satanic and blasphemy? Would our morality and ethics crumble and shutter if we rid the thin line between good and bad, the devil and angels, yin and yang, dark and light? Logic would have us believe in figures and numbers to show reason; it is the attitudes and belief that man can become better under GOD's tutelage. Passion and emotion WILLS us to connote certain actions and people as good or evil when in fact no will nor action ever encompass these connotation.

Meaning? What if your life's meaning was to make the other guy look good? To be compared, related and measured upon all others and to come out last. Where is the incentive to continue? Hope? Faith? Good will? To exist? The facts are most are in this category and only the few ever reach glory to the fact that the outside world affirms it to a major degree. So if your sole reason to exist was to make the someone else look better due to the relative cognitive functions of any average human why continue? To breed more of them? To find someone as miserable and pathetic as you?

Logotherapy... meaning is not something I seek for though I would like to thank you for leading me to the works of Viktor Frankl. If meaning was what I sought then I'd be in India or China visiting some Buddhist temple seeking the monk's tutelage.

My question is would civilization crumble if we rid the moralistic and ethical sections of society when most have come to terms that the system that is supposed to be enforcing these ideas and theories cannot be omnipresent, can easily be bought or miss the dire needs that can only alleviate when the damages have already been done?

To me this question is somewhat silly in that have we all confirmed to ourselves to a certain degree that GOD does exist whether in an abstract or physical sense.

Would some of you hate me if I considered myself a GOD when it comes to my decision and who or what effects me or I choose to keep around in my life? I know for a fact some would judge me harshly since they feel exclusion breeds hate and contempt amongst men and women but I have been excluded numerous times in the last twenty years. Must I feel guilty due to not caring and at times being a bit too cold and apathetic. Am I not who I am due to the world that was built and given to me. If I am a heartless, apathetic, unapologetic and crude is this an example of GOD's creation or my own? Free will or GOD?