Re: Comment Received for Article 'Who created God?'

Dear Israel,
In the first verses of the Bible are mentioned energy,
light and matter, all components of Einstein's famous
formula, which of course God knew about long before
Einstein discovered it.
But it is not written in the Bible because the Bible was written
to draw people to faith in God, not teach us physics.
Even today, the inclusion of this formula would confuse many
people and turn them off reading the Bible.
If you are going to base your reasoning on atheism and evolution
you will never succeed in creating a 'logical system of the universe'
because you are starting with false premises.
I suggest you study more of the articles on so you can
understand why organisms cannot go from simple to more complex
by any natural process and especially by Neo-Darwinism.
And if atheism is true, then on what basis can you trust your brain
to generate true thoughts about the nature of God and the universe?
Kind regards,
/. . . . /