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"Something Infinity Absolute"
If God is infinite, and the Universe (cosmos) is infinite; then, in spite of what one might do with mathematics, God must be the Universe, and the Universe must be God.
Bill S, are you telling us that this is what you believe to be true? How familiar are you with the theology of Baruch Spinoza--very much respected by Einstein, by the way--who, IMO, were panentheists (similar to unitheism).

I conditionally agree with you.

SOMATOLOGY--the study of the body and matter
In my opinion, yes! But keep the following in mind: While I agree that reductionism--the approach loved by physicists who worship materialism--has its place, the Universe, for me, is much more than just a somatological (physical, material) object, or construct--one that can be reduced to measurable bits and pieces.

PSYCHOLOGY--study of the mind
For me, the Universe is also a psychological, or mental construct. I am of the opinion that every living being, including you and I, is busy right now constructing the universe according to the kind of brain mechanism we happen to have. I admit that I could be wrong, but for me: Though we may agree that there are many things which we hold in common, my universe is my universe. And, your universe is your universe. Therefore, when you say
What is more, if this is a true infinity, then every particle in the Universe is the Universe, and is therefore God.

PNEUMATOLOGY--study of the spirit
I will assume you are serious. If so, what you say is amazing. And I have no problem with this.

IMO, this leads us to what I call the pneumatological, or spiritual, construct. For me, the somatic and psychosomatic universe both have their roots in what I call the [b]pneuma-psychosomatic phenomenon.

Bill S, after I get your response, I will say more about this...
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