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As I understand it, the major monotheistic religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam--began with the idea: We worship the one true and all-powerful god and we have the right to impose his will on the whole world. And, with the help of his righteous wrath, we will do so.

This idea reduces the possibility of any subjective/Objective force being the underlying nature of spirituality as the foundation of life to a hierarchical belief system.
This implies that God was never known but simply fabricated. This would lessen your resolve to know God by your own belief that God was not known but designed by human idealists.
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The unique message of Jesus was: "I do not agree with my religion, Judaism, and I want to reform it.

Jesus said "I have a religion"?....

He never said "I disagree with scripture", and he never saw scripture as a religion, but as description of spiritual principal. He only disagreed with the egoic idealists, who without a direct experience of the Supreme Being would superimpose their beliefs into the idea of a first cause. He disagreed with fabrications of belief such as the belief that "the major monotheistic religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam--began with an idea rather than a direct experience
Without a direct experience of the supreme being one takes scripture (The writings of the enlightened, or those who have a direct experience of God) and reduce the words to idealistic projections based on a lack of experience.
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"When it comes to the doctrine of the messiahship, most of my fellow Jews--except for a few of the prophets--have it totally wrong. They want a righteous and conquering king to rule over them and all the world.

"My messianic belief is that we are all messiahs. We are here to give loving service even to one another, including the $#@%**#$ who, foolishly, choose to be the enemy."

Jesus never spoke of his experience and Union as a belief. That is possibly the only way a person who lacks an experience could put the words of Jesus into perspective. Without the direct experience of something, the only possible reason would be projected in theory according to how one personally derives their own faith, as a product of belief and projection of experiences based on belief.
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In this sense Jesus was not a Christian.

Anyone who establishes a permanent awareness of the Supreme being is Christ-ed. As it was stated in his dialogue as being One with the Father and witnessing the Father as the Father witnessed him, he was offering Truth to those who would seek to live a life based on the actual experience of God, rather than to give faith to projections and ideals based on the mind saturated in duality and the ego of personal beliefs.

One who does not experience God cannot find God in anything but an ideal. Therefore God lay in some far off future experience and in a Heaven that is not available until some projected afterlife. Jesus was very direct in unraveling scripture to those who had the ears to hear.
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Anyone. In what way did Jesus change the message of Jesus

Jesus message was unwavering and consistent throughout his life as a Teacher. It was only those who did not themselves have the direct experience of Union with God in every thought feeling and action, and in every experience of life, who projected limitation and belief into his teaching.
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