Socratus wrote:
"Can God be atheist, governed by scientific laws?
Have physicists found the God?
I think, Yes. They have.
The people created a God."

That is what I mean by 'belief' creating that which is described as god.

And again:
"If I were God, I would give chance to Human
to understand who I am by analyzing the physical
formulas, equations and laws. Because to create Everything
I need them. So, logically, catching the thread of the physics
Human can understand Me and My Work."

Many people would find this "thread of physics" would help them to find 'god'. Others find 'god' in music, art or the actions of others. The sweeping grandeur of Nature, seascapes and sunsets inspire others to claim that the existence of of such things somehow prove that 'god' is real.

In fact none of these prove that 'god' exists-- They do however provide a basis for many people that such things (and there are numerous such triggers!) prove that their personal belief in the existence of their particular 'god-form' is a valid one.