Maybe we are individual cells in prepubescent forms developing and learning together to one day form one consciousness and become one god. Break down the word religion and you find that relig means to be tied or to be bind. We are all bind to other people whatever religion, race, social class and gender we are by what we call the soul. Being conscientious is an integral part of spiritual growth which alleviates the wounds of the soul and a critical reason as to why one practices religion. The word religion is derived from the latin word religio which means to be conscientiousness. All religion has a way of purging the soul whether it be praying, confessing, fasting or etc. it is a focus in the concept of religion. Thus ridding the soul or cleansing may be a path to godhood. Mathematical formula, scientific theory, philosophy, religion, binging on drugs, alcohol and sex, petty crime, criminal enterprise, why one missed the number 34 bus by a sliver of a second; these questions and practices all share the common interest of purging the great unknown.

You can find out who, where, when, how and what gravity is but can never know why. Yes it has something to do with the gravitational force and the magnetic field surrounding the planet but why is it there? You can educated the masses answer their questions but can never answer why it is the way it is. This leads to the fact that each individual exists in the great unknown until death.

On another note would it be too hard to accept the fact that they're may have never been a god in the first place. What if everything fits in the right place if we want it to. What if our cognitive functions, our senses have been lying to us (would not be the first time mind you). These connections we make are mostly all in a abstract sense. When mathematics formula, scientific theory and philosophy in a sociological sense actually work in practice does not solve all the questions within the problem. One must ask why that specific equation or hypotheses? Would it be so hard to live if life had no meaning at all? Do the birds fly trying to achieve something or just to fly due being built the way it was? Does the wolf hunt the elk for the thrill of the kill or for sustenance? Does it wonder why he/she is a lone wolf or a member of a pack? Must we ask and accept as fact that god or another supreme being had to have created this world and placed a meaning behind it? Must we know who, what or where is god?

Would life get better or worse if we just accepted the fact that these coincidences and connection may just be in our head and how we perceive the world?

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