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Where and Who is God ?

By idea the God ( HE / SHE / IT ) must be :
Something Infinity Absolute it means to be in every place...
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For me?

G0D=all that is good, orderly and desirable.

What do I do with evil?
I see it as chaos=good in the process of becoming order--good in the making.

Formally, I use two acronyms to express my theory of god: GzeroD, that is, GOD in quantum,or micro realm,
And GOD, in the macro realm--as relative being.
ORDINARILY, I will write god. It is easier. He doesn't mind because he does not exist, or mind. He just is! laugh

To know physical existence is to know god in the physical format;
to know that I know, and want to know more, is to know god as a mental concept,
and to know who I am, is to know god as Being itself.

In this sense I am one with god and god is in and through me. Anyone, if one so chooses, is free not to choose to be in god.

The consequences? The only thing I can imagine is: painless non-existence.

Me? I prefer the challenge of existing, even if it is painful, now and then.
E=MC2+GOD as agape/love
The Universe on a T-Shirt.