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... His (LGKing's) choice perhaps to call all existence "God" effectively sidesteps the traditional "faith in the existence of God" debate for him.
Yes, it does! IMO, debating is a zero-sum game. I prefer to converse, or dialogue. Also, for me all Being, GzeroD/GOD, is an evolving, an eternal process of becoming. I find this idea truly amazing.

BTW, an atheist in another forum indicates--in a quote he uses as his signature--that for him, "death is the great hope"; or does he mean solution to all our suffering and pain. Interesting thought.

If I actually thought this to be reality, for me it would a far-more depressing idea of what 'hell' is than the traditional one. I am sure this kind of existential anxiety is what drives many people to suicide. After her third attempt, I once saved a woman's life-- when I convinced her: There is no evidence, no guarantee, that there will be death of conscious awareness when the body dies.

[Her words were: "To go on living with the fears I have would be hell. I must do something about overcoming them."
Using hypnosis, I helped her to do so.]

Of course, I do not accept death as a valid solution, but I can accept that some people do. Do any atheists here agree with this "solution'?
Talk about GOD as being totally inclusive! For Islam (the source of peace) 'Allah' is Arabic for the One (power), and you name it: