Likewise, my understanding of 'god' or GoD' or GOD, has changed significantly. Both Einstein and Tesla understood that there is an aether, an electromagnetic energetic information medium present in all of space, whether a vacuum or atmospheric in nature. Some call it 'zero point'.

Certain gifted individuals throughout history, such as Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet, were able to 'access' this medium in stored information and make beneficial use of knowledge, wisdom and previously untapped free energy resources, knowledge of which has been too long suppressed.
Andrew, you mention Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet.
My daughter, Catherine, has this very useful gift. Her ability to go into deep trance helped save her life. It also helped her find her life's career as an artist, and drugless therapist, in partnership with a fellow artist, Wayne.

Here is a sample of their living work of art in progress: It is at Freedom Cove, Near Tofino, BC.

Many times, free of charge, she has used her gift to help others.

Eccles, it seems to be a fact that healthy religion--that is, the open, inclusive and non-doctrinaire kind, and in the philosophical sense of the word--can live in harmony and in creative partnership with the sciences and the arts.

BTW, Eccles, I assume you are into science of some sort, right? I also assume you are not one those who believes that all the sciences--or for that matter, all the arts--in all applications, always take the high moral ground. Agreed?

I always ask those who make such a claim: Tell me about the scientists who, for centuries have given themselves in the service of cruel and psychopathic tyrants (for example, Nero, Henry VIII, Napoleon, Hitler and his Nazism, Stalin, several popes and leaders of Islam, etc). Dare I say: not even all democratic republics have been without some guilt.

And look at the way the arts, including the media and sports--all have been used by the Nazis, and the Communists, etc. Tyrants have always used everything in their control to impose their will to power. And let us not forget the powerful tool we call religion.

Am I out order to suggest that Sick sciences and sick arts are no more to be desired than sick religions?

And, it seems to me, that one of the sure signs of disease is when--instead of finding ways to collaborate--all they do is attack one another. Dawkins, Hitchins et al, take note.

In the hands of powerful fools, all things, including good things, including spirituality, are nothing but tools of destruction.

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