GOD ??!!

Can God be scientist?
‘The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.’
/ E.A. Burtt. /
Quotes about God as a scientist.
Page 82.
‘- God is a geometrician in his creative labours- he makes the
world through and through a mathematical system.’
Page 113.
‘ God had created the world of physical existence, for the
purpose that in man, the highest natural end, the whole process
might find its way back to God’
Page 121.
‘ God has made the world of matter such that the pure
mathematical concepts intuited by mind are forever
applicable to it.’
Page 175.
‘ According to Cartesian principles God cannot abolish
extension or the laws of motion.’
So, maybe God can be scientist.

Where is God’s house?
‘The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.’
/ E.A. Burtt. /

Quotes about God and his source.
Page 27.
‘ But the big puzzles of the modern philosophers are all
concerned with space and time.’
Page 147.
Henry More (1614 – 1687 ) . . .
‘ In the Antidote against Atheism , written prior to 1662,
he (Henry More ) suggested . . . . that space
is no other than God himself.’
Page 148.
Henry More. . . ‘ . . . . space is itself God . . . . .’
‘ That spiritual object, which we call space, . . . . . .’
‘ In other words, space is God . . . .’. . . ‘ Space is divine.’
Isaac Barrow ( 1630- 1677) Newton,s teacher .
Page 155.
‘What is space?
It is impious, Barrow observes, to regard space as a real existence
independent of God; likewise to regard matter as infinitely
extended is contrary to scripture. But, if we discover the proper
relation between space and God, we can truthfully ascribe a real
exiatence to the former. God can create worlds beyond this world,
hence God must extend beyond matter, and it is just this
superabundance of the divine presence and power that we mean by space.’
Page 161.
‘ . . . space would no longer appear independent of the deity.’
Page 260.
‘Absolute space for Newton is not only the omnipresence of God;
it is also the infinite scene of the divine knowledge and control.’
So, maybe God can have infinite space-house.

What is situation now?
Now is consider that the Absolute Reference Frame is vacuum
with T=2,7K ( after big bang). But this parameter isn’t constant.
It decreases in time and in the future will reach vacuum: T=0K.
We cannot reach the T=0K.
But maybe God can reach this infinite space and be there.
Maybe God can have infinite mystical house behind the T=0K
This vacuum is full with Dirac’s ‘negative virtual particles’.
This vacuum is full with unseen ‘ dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’.
( They are more than 90% in the Universe)
Nobody knows what there are and therefore the atheists must
not to be very confidence. Maybe God can use these ‘negative
virtual particles’, ‘ dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ for his work.
If Henry More, Isaac Barrow and Newton were live to-day they
would ask logical question:
How can God, using more than 90% of unseen and unknown
matter in the Universe, create the observant material world?.