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Warren, let's bring up this thread by Socratus:

And thanks from your essay from which I quote
Originally Posted By: Warren "...Actually we do know there was not--nor is, an exclusive, eternal nothingness--a complete and absolute nothingness, which is void of energy or change, time or space. Such a nothingness would have precluded our existence. There must have been something more. The problem is where did existence come from?..."
Pardon my edit of your quote. http://www.unitheist.org/cosmogony.html are one and the same?

Thank you for reading and commenting on this. I had already pretty much decided, like you I think, that the question, "Does God exist?" is meaningless in a way. Better would be, "What is the nature of being, or divine creative energy, or what some call God?"

I ended up as seeing the divine as entirely natural, working through and in the natural world. This left the question though of why there is anything. We think of things resulting from other things, so where did the first thing come from? The article you refer to was my effort to try to work through that problem. I'm sure it will be a continuing subject of interest, as it is one of the greatest questions confronting humanity.