Eccles, very interesting comment. Now spell out what you mean.
How secure do you feel about the soma, psyche and pneuma?
What do you think of the Islamic concept of 'Allah'?

BTW, we translate 'Allah' as 'God'; which I translate as GOD, and which I presume, by now, my fellow fellow posters understand is an acronym, not a noun. Check out

As I understand it, the major monotheistic religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam--began with the idea: We worship the one true and all-powerful god and we have the right to impose his will on the whole world. And, with the help of his righteous wrath, we will do so.

The unique message of Jesus was: "I do not agree with my religion, Judaism, and I want to reform it.

"When it comes to the doctrine of the messiahship, most of my fellow Jews--except for a few of the prophets--have it totally wrong. They want a righteous and conquering king to rule over them and all the world.

"My messianic belief is that we are all messiahs. We are here to give loving service even to one another, including the $#@%**#$ who, foolishly, choose to be the enemy."

In this sense Jesus was not a Christian.

Anyone. In what way did Jesus change the message of Jesus

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