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Ellis, "Where and Who is God?" is not a question that,
as unitheist, I would ever ask. It would be like asking:
"Who or where is infinity and eternity?".

What is Absolute Reference Frame ?
What is the Source of the Universe. / My interpretation./
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What was before Vacuum or Gravity ?
Does Gravity exist in Vacuum or vice versa?
What is the First Law of the Universe: Vacuum or Gravity ?
In my opinion the Universe ( as a whole ) is Eternal and
Infinite Vacuum an Absolute Reference Frame .
Why ?
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Fact and Speculation.
The detected material mass of the matter in the Universe is so small
(the average density of all substance in the Universe is approximately
p=10^-30 g/sm^3) that it cannot ‘close’ the Universe into sphere and
therefore our Universe as whole is ‘open’, endless Vacuum.
But what to do with the infinite Universe the physicists don't know.
The concept of infinite/ eternal means nothing
to a scientists. They do not understand how they could
draw any real, concrete conclusions from this characteristic.
A notions of ‘more, less, equally, similar ’ could not
be conformed to a word infinity or eternity.
The Infinity / Eternity is something, that has no borders,
has no discontinuity; it could not be compared to anything.
Considering so, scientists came to conclusion that the
infinity/eternity defies to a physical and mathematical definition
and cannot be considered in real processes.
Therefore they have proclaimed the strict requirement
(on a level of censor of the law):
« If we want that the theory would be correct,
the infinity/eternity should be eliminated » .
Thus they direct all their mathematical abilities,
all intellectual energy to the elimination of infinity.
Therefore they invented an abstract ‘dark matter and dark energy’.
They say: ‘ 90% or more of the matter in the Universe is unseen.’
And nobody knows what it is.
Unknown ‘dark matter ‘ it is matter which makes up the difference
between observed mass of a galaxies and calculated mass……
which….will …’close ‘ ….the Universe into sphere, as …….
as……the astrophysicists want.
How can the 99% of the Hidden ( dark ) matter in the Universe
create the 1% of the Visible matter ?
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Now it is considered that Newton / Einstein's laws
of gravitation are basis of physics, the first laws of Universe.
But the detected material mass of the matter in the Universe
is so small that gravitation field, as whole, doesn't work
in the Universe.
So, the Newton / Einstein's laws of gravitation are correct only
in the small and local part of Universe and we cannot take them
as the first ones.
What can the first law of the Universe be?
All galaxies , all gravitation fields exist in Vacuum (T=0K).
Gravitational effects took place only in a small area of Infinite Vacuum.
It is impossible to use GRT to the Universe as a whole.
Vacuum is “ The first law of the Universe.”
The Physics is first of all Vacuum.
Without Eternal and Infinite Vacuum Physics makes no sense.
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Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. / Socratus.
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Socratus... the irony being, of course,
that there is no such thing as an absolute frame of reference.
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