Has it occured to you that you might have exchanged the fruits of one "tree of gullibity" for those of a whole orchard of others ? i.e. Is there anything bar standard religion that you are NOT prepared to use for your prophecy of "a quantum leap in consciousness" ?

>>>>>>>>eccles, Yes, I have considered that. Perhaps gullibility is best reserved for those who consider anything but the most rigorously accepted status quo reality as fact, without consideration of the evidence presented by numerous research scientists in search of the nature of multi-dimensional potentialities. Dr Ian Stevenson on reincarnation, Robert Monroe on astral/soul travel and out of body experiences, Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross on life after death and near death experiences. Perhaps to some here they are out of the realm of science OR religion. Perhaps a more recent addition would be Dr John Mack , head of psychiatry at Harvard and his groundbreaking work on alien abduction experiences. The bodies of works produced by these highly educated and respected travelers into the multi-dimensional nature of the Multiverse, are only a small reference in connection to many tens of thousands of years of higher consciousness experiences by our aboriginal ancestors. As Chief Seattle aptly put it over 150 years ago::..."WE do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

True innovation in science and University research is dead, according to neuroscientist Dr Michael Persinger, whom I recently interviewed at length. His comments, not mine, the reason being ..government and corporate funding dictates into which direction research is to be done. Reality in knowledge today is now to be guided according to 'the powers that be'. Numerous innovations, historical data and archeological finds have been suppressed which would change our understanding of the world, our heritage AND history in the blink of an eye .

In my humble opinion, it is your own belief structure which dictates what is your truth and reality, for you. If it not real for you, it simply is not real to you.

Little experience recounted by Dr Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon) in a recent book by Gregg Bradden, Mitchell traveled the world looking for a healer to heal his mother of blindness. He found one, she was healed, and overjoyed to "SEE". When she slowly came down from her 'high' of being healed of blindness, she asked about the beliefs of the healer. Once she found out the healer was NOT a christian, she renounced the healing due to the healers' pagan origins AND BELIEFS, and said..she wished it had never happened. AND SO IT WAS. She promptly lost her sight and became blind again.<<<<<<<<<

In psychology there is what is known as a "schizophrenogenic family", i.e a social grouping whose communicative mode tends to precipitate schizophrenic symptoms in one or more of its members.

>>>>>>>>>I see what you refer to as 'schizophrenogenic'... also evident in organized sports, politics, corporations, higher education , organized unions and the labor movement, and most importantly THE MEDIA..all of whom I have had the experience to working with and for , one way or another in the last 20 years. <<<<<<<<<

I put it to you that your socialzation amongst Jehova's Witnesses could have been "bizarre-belief-ogenic". Or to put it more simply, you are looking for something to fill the gaps left, after your rejection of your first belief system.

>>>>>>>> According to Dr Persinger, we have about as many neurons in our brain as there are stars in our galaxy, the milky way. Myself, I am a perpetual researcher for truth, knowledge and justice for all. I could care less about what other people believe. I do not 'need' a belief to 'fill any gap'. I am too far out in left field having composed and made up my own, for most people to accept me into 'their' fold. And that's just fine, because I make up my own belief based on what evidence makes sense to my intuition . If no one else was to see or accept that evidence for themselves, or does not have the time to pursue the evidence, that does not make their awareness or perception more truthful, powerful or important or any more or less real than mine is to me. It is simply like beauty, in the eye of the beholder...So if you do not see what I see, perhaps you don't need a pagan healer either :>)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Cheers

PS..perhaps you have a point after all..not everything and everyone is headed for a quantum leap in consciousness. After all, certain aspects of this reality are certainly winding down rapidly...like a lot of peoples' pensions, retirement and mutual funds. Not to forget mentioning, a lot of jobs and careers will never be the same.

And for those out in line to get their dose of the flu shot, I can guarantee you that their quantum leap will certainly not be into higher consciousness.;>)
"The most beautiful is the mysterious" ~Einstein