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Rev- What is reality?
For me, reality is living, moving and having our being in the eternal now which we know as the space/time continuum. It includes nature, existence, presence, and all life as it has evolved so far. It is all that is good, orderly and desirable--in brief, GOD. It is in this eternal Now, that we can begin to enjoy and truly experience getting to know this Reality.

We will begin to do so by choosing to connect with and/or tuning into this Reality with all the levels of our consciousness which, I feel, will enable us to continue to evolve so that we will eventually become totally free from all physical, mental and spiritual restraints.

It has taken millions of years for us to evolve to the level where more and more of us are free enough to know that we are aware, self-consciousness, or spiritual beings. At any point, without any sense of being judged by anyone, we are free to say yes or no to this FREEDOM, to take the quantum leap to evolve, exponentially, or not. It is up to each of us to make make the choice for ourselves, when we are ready.

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