Rev- What is reality?

I am sure that we have all had the experience of discussing an event or happening with another person who was present at the time only to discover that their perception is totally different to ours.

How can this be? Maybe we exist within our own perception of reality and we live parallel lives with intersecting realities. Sometimes our realities may merge and complement-- other times they may withdraw, oppose or disintegrate as our own reality is challenged.

Who knows!

And the thing is that I actually don't really mind the not-knowing-- and indeed Ms Armstrong discusses that as a characteristic trait of many atheists-- that is that the unknown has not the same fear for them as it has for believers. When you know that this life is all you have you try to enjoy it.... and understand it too. There are enough solvable mysteries in the Universe to think about without fretting about the possibility of the existence of the divine in any of its manifestations.

Of course this does not preclude others from pondering the Universe from the point of view of unravelling its intention. I just don't see much point in that.

Reality with or without belief is a personal decision I think.