Ellis, at 6 o'clock this morning, I picked up my National Post.com--Canada. I live near German Mills, in Thornhill ON--an old part of Markham, Ontario. It is near the famous Yonge Street--the longest S to N street in Canada, if not the world.

After the American Rebellion in 1776, lots of British Loyalists--many of them German born, came from Pennsylvania to Canada. My wife's ancestors--including Captain William Poole Turner--were Loyalists from New England, they settled on the beautiful St. John River, which rises in Maine. Thanks Yanks!!

Yankee Captain Turner settled near Hartland, N.B.--home of the World's longest-covered bridge. The bridge is still in use. It is north of the capital of N.B.,Fredericton--a low and level area, which is subject to Spring floods.

Thornhill actually is on a hill. It is just north and above Toronto. We love to look down on the city every Canadian, who is not a Torontonian, loves to twit--not to be confused with 'tweet'.Toronto, still the home of many churches--not as full as they used to be--used to be twitted as "Toronto the Good". My son and his family, I'll have you know, are Torontonians--They live in DAAAWN ...Don Mills--once a very tony area of metro. Still is ...well, somewhat.

From our house--on King's Inn Trail (Kong, believe it or not, is a neighbour) laugh --we can actually see the pinnacle half of the-once-famous CN Tower, which is near Lake Ontario.

As I picked up my paper, I noticed and nodded to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. There she was, framed by a beautiful, calm, clear and bluish-black sky.
The temperature was -10 degrees Celsius--a bright and beautiful cold day.

BTW, the National Post.com--an excellent read--is one of the three papers (+ the Globe&Mail and the Toronto Star) I usually check out to see how we so-called human beings are treating and loving--in the agape sense of the word (or not)--one another.

Then I checked:
--and I noticed your post, Ellis:
Yes Rev-- I noticed this--The number is now over 2,050,000 and growing by the day!--the other day and was oddly pleased that this particular discussion, controversial though it my be, has so far remained interesting and very civil!

Congratulations to us all!
Ellis, could it be that this success is because those of us who write ARE FULL OF S.H.I.T? Does the question shocked shock you? Or do you find it amusing? laugh
IMO, I think it is because most Atheists/Agnostics/Christians/Jews/Muslims/Hindus--you name it, are, when push come to shove, full of S.H.I.T! That is, for the most part we are, or at least we would like to be: Spiritually Healthy and In Touch with IT--imminence and transcendence, as well as G+O+D--all that is good, omnipresent and delightful.

This prompts me to ask: Is it possible that RELIGION CAN BE FUN? Anyone not heard of, or seen the musical, GODSPELL?

I once thought of starting a church with the name of The United Church of Good S.H.I.T.S.--a Society for Humans In Trouble--and one with Scruples. It would be made up of small groups of Sinners Anonymous--modeled after the famous AA Program.

NOW: Here is a challenge: Is it possible that using the sciences and the arts--especially the art of good humour--could we have a meeting of minds (psyches) and could we use them to build a virtual religion made up of groups--large and small--of people who agree that, by and large and deep down, most of us are good S.H.I.T.S.--people want to use their wits to avoid being negative twits, and hypocrites?

That is, we want to be normal human beings--but those who are willing to work at being socially healthy, intelligent, thoughtful and have scruples. Interestingly, in ancient Rome, a scruple was 20 grains of pure gold.

BTW, look what happened when the Romans lost their scruples. The debasing of the gold, silver, copper and bronze coins is what led to vicious inflation. Historians agree that it was one of the major causes of the fall of Rome--then one of the greatest, if not the greatest, centres of power on earth.

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