Doug.E.Barr wrote:

Physics will answer the last "how?" That you can trust.
Physics will not answer "the last why ".
You will have to find something else to trust.
/ So far only Doug. E. Barr /

From 'how' to 'why' is one step.

Doug.E.Barr wrote:

You can have one foot in "why" the other in "how" but
not at the same time. When you take your last step in "how"
you will be standing in "why" on one foot with no place to go.

For me your explanation is sound like one problem in the Physics:
the problem of particle’s dualism. Physicists know what particle
is and what electromagnetic wave is but how is possible to unit
them together they don’t know.

But "why" and "how" must have some connection.
If we take ‘how’ as a physics and ‘why’ as a religion and
when we ask question : Religion or Physics ?
Faith or Knowledge ? it seems like they different parts of knowledge.
But I think that we cannot ask:
« the reason or the consequence ? » because must be a connection
between them. The same connection must be between
Religion and Physics, Faith and Knowledge.

As Albert Einstein said:
All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
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