1. would it be too hard to accept the fact that there may have never been a god in the first place?

I agree with what you imply. In my [LGK's] opinion, In the beginning there was no-thing! There was just EL--the Hebrew root for pure, neutral energy--Omnipotence (all power) without conditions. The same is true for omnipresence (everywhere present), and omniscience (all knowledge). See Genesis 1:1.

2. What if everything fits in the right place, if we want it to.

AH! YES!!! The key word is 'want'--the power to will and choose, good or evil. Take note: YaHWeH (a sacred word never verbalized by Orthodox Jews)--in English, this is 'Jehovah'--I am, was and I choose to be what I love and will to be.

3. What if our cognitive functions, our senses have been lying to us (would not be the first time mind you)?

The EGO! WOW! what a villain! In my opinion, the EGO can be a great servant, but it can also be a very divisive and dangerous enemy. In a word, it can be satanic (which is Hebrew/Arabic in origin), or a diabolic (of Greek origin)force. Anything that splits us from the true self (pneuma) and others is diabolic.

4. These connections we make are mostly all in an abstract sense. When mathematics formulas, scientific theory and philosophy, in a sociological sense, actually work in practice does not solve all the questions within the problem.

One must ask why that specific equation or hypotheses?

5. Would it be so hard to live if life had no meaning at all?

I have a question for you: Are you implying that, for human beings, life has no meaning?

Have you heard of logotherapy--the work of Viktor Frankl?;oq=victor+f

5. Do the birds fly trying to achieve something or just to fly due being built the way it was?

6. Does the wolf hunt the elk for the thrill of the kill or for sustenance?

7. Does it wonder why he/she is a lone wolf or a member of a pack?

So may I (LGK) ask: For you, are human beings and animal beings--including insect beings--identical beings? Are animals spiritual beings?

8. Must we ask, and accept as fact, that god or another supreme being had to have created this world and placed a meaning behind it?

I don't; but there are those who do. I often wonder, WHY?

9. Must we know who, what, or where is god?

For you, is 'god' a noun? Is God a proper noun?

Me? God and gods are mentally-created idols.

This is why I prefer the acronyms GOD and/or G0d. Questions like you ask about 'god'--are inappropriate ones. It is like asking: How far is up? Or, do streets and cars love one another?

Yes, it seems, there are crazy and dumb questions! In my opinion, that is smile

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