"Rev-I also suggest in answer to your question, that in fact there are no practical implications in knowing that god and reality are the same."

Ellis, no practical implications for you, of course, because you do not accept, as I do, that god and reality are, IMO, one and the same. Like Buddhism (a non-theistic religion), Carl Jung, Spinoza--Einstein admired his theology--and others before him, I think of god, not as a theistic and supernatural being outside of existence, or reality, but as Spirit within, through and around the total physical, mental and spiritual reality, or existence. This being so, with the help of the sciences I use all my senses to know all that I am capable of knowing.

With this in mind, may I assume we can agree that--with the help of the sciences--for you, also, knowing things about reality does have practical value for you.

You said: "It is a matter of belief."

Is reality just a matter of belief for you?

"You would believe that you know that it is so and act accordingly--I would believe that I know it is not and not do much about it."
you said.

Believe that I know? Belief implies doubt. I know that I know. What I know may be incomplete, and even wrong. But at this moment, I know that I am sensing reality--to which I give the very inclusive acronym, GOD. If you prefer to stick with the word 'reality', it is OK by me.

"We are not able to prove who is correct!" You said.

Correct? About what? Do you reject, or deny, reality? Is reality just a matter of faith for you?
BTW, I met Karen Armstrong at a lecture she gave in Toronto some time ago--good stuff--and I have some of her books. I think she was born in England and was a Catholic nun. Quite a scholar. Very interested in social justice. Worth a Google search on her name.


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