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What is natural about fear and delusion?

I didn't mention these, but "fear" is naturally a "survival mechanism" (re adrenalin/flight or fight).

Employed in the majority of situations, not necessarily situations that are life threatening. This causes sickness and aging of the body. And tho you didn't mention fear outright, you do mention a belief that normal behavior is one of selfishness rather than selflessness. Such behavior is only driven by psychosis which has fear as the root of emotions and belief. Fear of lack, loss of control, self worth issues, based on levels of comparison etc. You call this normal, I say the human condition which is normal is based on love and compassion, and compassion is only normal when it is fueled by wisdom rather than emotional attachments.
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"Delusion" involves psychological investment in a mythical "objective reality" beyond that which we all use for everyday transactions.

What you call mythical in reference to the comparative psychosis which you call normal, is only mythical because you believe Love is outside of the normal human behavior.
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Such "objectivity" is based on "persistances" with respect to our life spans but these "persistances" are naturally but erroneously extrapolated to non-relative (dualistic) scenarios in which "things" are considered to exist independently of the observers who do the "thinging". (Those naive realists who advocate the "existence" of "unobserved trees falling in forests" are forgetting that they themselves are still doing the observing "in their mind's eye").

The minds eye is often linked to a greater truth than the psychosis of delusion and fear which some would rather call truth over reality.
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