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Science and religion in tandem can become a great force
to liberate the mind and help the humans to a fuller and better
understanding of reality....
Socratus, my sentiments, exactly!
To Andrew--the latest member of this dynamic team in the process of becoming servants of the social good: What do you think of the suggestion by Socratus?

BTW, I like your opening remarks, especially the way you gave us some background of who you are and why you got involved in NOT QUITE SCIENCE.

Your positive mental attitude is quite refreshing, even though I may challenge you on some of your presumptions and ideas.

I hope you do not mind a challenge, OK? Feel free to challenge me back, as long as you offer it in agape, which I do to you--if you know what I mean.

Nameste--looking for GOD--interpret as you will--in all who read this post.
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