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For me, reality is living, moving and having our being in the eternal now which we know as the space/time continuum.It is in this eternal Now, that we can begin to enjoy and truly experience getting to know this Reality.
It has taken millions of years for us to evolve to the level where more and more of us are free enough to know that we are aware, self-consciousness, or spiritual beings.

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Millions of years to come to a thought, preceding a continuation of evolution, which may sweep away the ideas of this or any other determination, predicated upon a practice of edited or changed reasons which qualify ones self in the ability to know, describe and change the ideas about something to call God.

The claim to be a spiritual being living in illusions of change, with an evolution placed before ones self as the reason for not living as spirit but instead an imprisoned spiritual being locked in a reality called freedom but at the same time not free until more evolution takes place.

Not exactly what the spiritual masters describe as reality. More like what the Pharisees and Sadducees prescribed as reality.
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